Our Story


60% of Africa's population is now made up of young people, making it the world's youngest and most promising continent. This young generation is synonymous with vibrancy, digital innovation, social responsibility and action, changing what we do not believe in and shaping the future we want. 

we54 seeks to unleash the potential of this massive resource by engaging, connecting and promoting the ideas of young Africans towards accelerating the implementation of the SDGs and crafting a better Africa. 


 Our Mission


we54 is on a mission to inspire every young African to contribute towards the SDGs by empowering them to engage in creative and dynamic ways. 


Our Vision


An enriched continent through the combined efforts of this generation. 




Partnering to achieve our goals acts as the foundational ethos at we54, where we believe in the collaborative spirit of young Africans in bringing ideas to life to accelerate SDG action across the continent. 


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Reach out if you have any questions, want more information about our work or have some suggestions to help us improve. 

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