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By joining we54 you become part of a diversely rich network made up of innovative and driven young African leaders such as yourself. You can connect and collaborate across different we54 projects and campaigns, sharing ideas, exchanging knowledge and impacting your communities together. 


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As a we54 Young African Leader, you have access to contribute to all our current and future projects and campaigns. This ensures that you always have an opportunity to contribute towards the SDGs in your region. 




At we54 your ideas count and we'd love to hear all about them. We believe that no one else but you has the answers to unlocking the true potential of Africa. You ideate, and the rest of our diverse community helps you actualize your vision on a continental scale. 





Transforming the continent is going to take the combined effort of every young African because together we can do more. Across our different projects and campaigns, you have the exciting opportunity to co-create and act on each other's amazing ideas, breathing them into reality.  


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