How It Works 


1. Join

By joining the we54 community you gain access to contribute towards ongoing projects and campaigns by ideating or acting on them. 


2. Ideate

Contribute a creative and innovative idea based on a current we54 project and watch as it becomes actioned and realized in collaboration with other young African leaders from across the continent.  

3. Action

Once your idea gets actioned for its merit by we54, you and other youth can act on it and bring it to life. You can also act on other actioned ideas to create widespread impact. 

Current Project 

#Missedinformation Campaign

As we continue to fight the spread of the Coronavirus across Africa, we can not ignore the urgency to similarly fight against the spread of what the WHO has termed as an infodemic. The spread of disinformation and misinformation surrounding COVID-19 threatens to undermine the effectiveness of public health measures and negatively impact the most vulnerable across our continent. 

This is why we launched the #Missedinformation Campaign to counter the spread of false information, especially on informal online platforms such as social media that are acting as the primary source of information for many. We aim to do this using the combined efforts of every young African to disseminate a flood of correct WHO facts surrounding COVID-19 across multiple channels in diverse languages and forms for all to engage and understand. 




  Bringing your ideas to life  

We action the best of your ideas based on the current project here. Be the first to act on an exciting idea, especially your own. 

Completed Projects

'What's Your New Normal?' Poster Creation

Ideated by Abimbola Adeagbo, Nigeria

Abimbola Adeagbo from Nigeria believes that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, and so do we.
'What's Your New Normal?' As the world around us continues to change rapidly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we're also having to equally adapt in our own diverse and unique ways. Therefore, WE54 is calling talented young leaders such as yourself, to create vibrant, dynamic and locally-authentic posters that depict your new normal in the most creative and innovative way possible visually. 

This project encourages you to be as creative, dynamic and authentic as possible, as you illustrate visually what your new normal looks like in your community and country. Additionally, we strongly encourage you to make use of your local languages and slang in the creation of the poster, where you can translate 'What's Your New Normal?' 


                                                                                     DIANA ATSULA, KENYA (SHENG)                                                              ADOO ASSOH, NIGERIA (PIDGIN)


Creating 'Debunking COVID-19 Myths in your country' videos

Ideated by Julius Kimani, Kenya

To curb the infodemic surrounding COVID-19 within each of our countries, Julius has come up with a dynamic idea which involves we54 Young Leaders creating exciting and informative videos that:

1. Identify and highlight 5 common misconceptions about COVID-19 in their home countries

2. Provide the correct information to demystify this misinformation.






Watch Rauda Salihs from Ghana's video, as she debunks common COVID19 myths across Ghana.  



Watch Wanjiru Kibera from Kenya's video, as she debunks common COVID19 misconceptions within Kenya.  

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